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  1. New here, entering the Surgical Tech field. On my 3rd week of Clinical for the summer.

  2. Third week of my summer clinical, all is going well. So far I am learning a lot and my preceptors are exceptional at helping me to learn the ways of the OR and fine tuning my abilities to do the job well.

  3. I’m a Surgical tech student and I’m looking forward to learning more about Connecticut state assembly of surgical technologists

    • Joseph, thank you for your post! Please keep visiting our website and stay tuned for future events, such as local conferences to learn more about CT AST

    • Peter, yes there is a fall conference coming up. Please stay tuned for more details. The CT AST team is working diligently putting this great annual event together. You will receive an email with details a few weeks in advance. Also, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter – the event will also be showcased on our CTAST website under “Event”,

      Thank you for visiting our forum!

  4. Hello! I am in my third week of clinical. I’ve had good preceptors and okay preceptors and wonderful circulators.

  5. I am s student of Manchester community college!!!!! I like my class!!!!

    • Natalia, we are so pleased you have decided to join us and that you like your class. What year are you in?

  6. Why do those who are in the field give such a hard time to those who are learning? Don’t they remember they were once in the learning stage too.

    • Hi Georgia, thank you for your comment! In some cases individuals may behave in certain way without realizing it. Please do not get discouraged and let one bad incident or experience change your perception of the professionals in the Surgical Technology field. Keep working hard and learning the techniques and soon enough you will be mentoring others.

  7. Hi all – looking for surgical tech programs and have had no luck within CT.. does anyone know why all the programs were suspended? Anywhere else I should look?

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