Surgical Technologists are highly skilled allied health professionals who work specifically in surgery. The surgical team is composed of a Surgeon, and his Assistant, an Anesthesiologist and a Nurse Anesthetist, a Surgical Technologist (ST) and a Registered Nurse, who performs the duties of a circulator. Each member is trained in his or her own field to provide the best possible care for the patient.

Surgical Technology is the profession least known in the operating room. The Surgical Technologist organizes the surgical instruments, and maintains their sterility through-out the procedure and passes the instruments to the surgeon and the assistant during the operation.

The Surgical Technologist must have an in-depth knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology and knowledge of surgical procedures to anticipate the surgeons needs during the procedure. Their skills include manual dexterity, an even temperament and a strict adherence to sterile technique.

In The Field:
Surgical Technologists in Connecticut are employed in hospital, surgical centers and doctor’s offices across the state. Over 350 belong to the Connecticut Assembly of Surgical Technologists, and many hold the title of Certified Surgical Technologist (CST) that attests to a proven set of skills and knowledge which an employer can rely on.

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